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To protect the community through assessment, treatment, and control.

GPS Alcohol Monitoring

We use Alcohol Electronic Monitoring equipment combined with a strong understanding of its capabilities and limitations to design safe, efficient and effective monitoring programs. In addition, we provide constant support through staff training, continued education, 24/7 technical support, customized program forms and rules/regulations established with years of experience.

Electronic Monitoring

A state leader in providing end-to-end location monitoring and predictive behavioral solutions that combine real-time tracking devices and professional monitoring services with advanced data analytics. The current focus is delivering electronic monitoring products and services for a statewide criminal justice market.

Portable Alchohol Tests

A mobile world requires mobile solutions. SW Probation’s portable breathalyzer and intuitive recovery management software offers a modern approach to alcohol monitoring. No more inconvenient visits to the lab. Our products are the leaders in mobile breath alcohol monitoring with a proven track record in family law, workplace compliance, and recovery management monitoring.

Instant Drug Screening Results

We offer you comprehensive, cost-effective drug and alcohol testing options. Our laboratory services include urine drug testing, oral fluid drug testing, prescription drug testing, EtG/EtS alcohol testing, “synthetic marijuana” drug testing, “bath salt” testing, steroid testing, and more. We’ll find out.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

When compared to other forms of testing, hair samples can detect a much longer period of drug use. For example, urinalysis can only detect most drugs within 2-3 days of use. After this period, a donor will be free of the drug, test negative, and slip through the screening process. By comparison, the industry standard is to test 1.5 inches of head hair for approximately 90 days of history.

DNA Collection Site

The results from our DNA testing services change lives for the better. Whether it’s helping a young woman to determine the father of her child, providing irrefutable evidence for an immigrant’s visa petition, or assisting a breeder to identify disease traits in their dogs, our work makes a difference. We positively impact our clients every day.

D.O.T. and Pre-Employment

As the trucking industry becomes more and more regulated, companies need help in staying compliant with all the current and new federal requirements. In 2010, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rolled out the CSA (Compliance, Accountability, and Safety) rating system for all DOT carriers. SW Probation can provide you with assistance and guidance to help you avoid low ratings.

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